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De Rustende Jager
(The Resting Hunter)

Whether you come with your family, your new love, less-mobile grandparents or the entire management team: at De Rustende Jager, everyone enjoy the wooded greenery of our neighbours, The Loon and Drunen Dunes National Park. Climb onto one of the more than 700 (!) bicycles we have available and explore one of the most extensive drifting sand areas in Western Europe. 

  1. Opens every day at 9:00

  2. Right next to the Loon and Drunen Dunes

  3. More than 700 bicycles available for rent!

  4. Perfect base and meeting location in an oasis of green

  5. If you are less mobile than you used to be, rent a tandem or an (electric) companion cycle.

Surrounding area

The Loon and Drunen Dunes are stunningly beautiful. They are unique and vast, unspoilt and with infinite horizons. Having originated in the last ice age, this ‘Brabant Sahara’ consists of thirty square kilometres of drifting sand. The Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments in the Netherlands protects the area by, for example, sending a large herd of sheep into the heathland. Who knows? You just might see it! It is not surprising that this area has been named North Brabant’s Best Outing several times.

Walking & Cycling

For more than 100 years already, this has been the place to take a break from walking, horse riding or cycling through the dunes. As the starting and ending point of various routes, we receive many guests. Due to the large number of visitors, it is not possible to reserve a table. But you never have to wait long. And hikers encounter a different appearance with each season. Wander to your heart’s content along the marked routes or map out your own. The 3.5-kilometre-long red route starts at our place. For children, there is a wonderful scavenger hunt, set out by Nature Monuments. Informative and fun!


Amy Coombe
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We have been here twice when in Holland, great location to hire bikes and head into the beautiful national park. Staff always very helpful. Take Mastercard which is a plus!
Nicholas van Buuren
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Nice place to take a break from mountainbiking.
Louise S
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Great little place for refreshments stops during our cycle ride. Efficient staff, great apple cake.
Peter Vrakking
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Quaint stop along bike tour. Check out the soups!
Chaya E.
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Only had a sausage roll with a glass of coca cola. Tasted great!
John Heijmans
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Beautiful piece of nature to walk in.

More than 700 bicycles!

Because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding countryside, we rent out more than 700 bicycles. They vary from ‘ordinary’ bicycles to electric and ‘normal’ mountain bikes, from tandems to electric companion cycles. We also have various children’s bicycles, both ordinary and mountain bikes.


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